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Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional OEM

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional OEM B23-00079-oem
Sale Price: $49.00
MSRP: $63.99
Part Number: B23-00079-oem
Royal ID: B23-00079-oem
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Version: OEM
Availability: Ships Free Today!
Note: Limited quantities available
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  • Description
  • Specifications

Windows 2000 Pro (B23-00079 -oem) is the most secure, stable, and easy-to-use version of Windows ever produced.

Windows 2000 Professional is the best desktop and mobile operating system for businesses of all sizes. It's the easiest, most reliable Windows yet because it combines the reliability, security, and manageability of Windows NT Workstation with the best business features of Windows 98.

Making Windows Easier to Use With a new interface design and a cleaner desktop organization, Windows 2000 Professional is the easiest version of Windows yet. New features include:

  • A cleaner desktop design that includes customizable toolbars and feature reorganization, with the goal a reduced screen clutter. For instance, many different tasks, such as printer configuration, have been centralized in the Control Panel.
  • A new interface design for laptop users, used when managing and synchronizing offline documents. An updated synchronization manager can be used for managing all offline documents and Web pages.
  • A new feature, Web Folders, which lets users view, manage, and edit their Web-site content from the Windows Explorer interface.
  • Balloon tips, which alert users to where features have been changed in the Windows 2000 Professional interface.
  • An enhanced search interface, letting users search the local file system, a network, or the Internet for files, folders, computers, printers, or people. Those users on a Windows 2000 Server network can also search the Active Directory directory from the search interface. File contents are also indexed, providing faster and more relevant searches.
  • SOHO and home network configurationusing the new Shared Access tool, which provides network address translation, addressing, and name-resolution services for all computers on the network.

    Enhancing System Stability Windows 2000 Professional includes many new features designed to increase reliability and stability, including:

  • An improved kernel-mode write protection that guards against system crashes. Hardware-to-mapping protection marks memory pages containing code, preventing anyone from writing to these pages. This prevents kernel-mode software, such as drivers or OS code, from causing a crash by trying to write to protected memory.
  • A Kill Process tree that allows you to kill single processes via the Task Manager instead of rebooting.
  • Driver signing, for better tracking of system devices.

    A More Secure Environment In this age of the Internet and interconnectedness, system security both on and off the network is a prime consideration for all Windows users. In Windows 2000 Professional, several new features address system security, including:

  • Settings that prevent most users from changing or compromising critical OS components.
  • Full security for data on a hard disk via the Encrypted File System.
  • Full security for data coming over a network with support for the IPSEC IP protocol.
  • Support for smart cards

    And that's not all! Windows 2000 Professional is a truly global operating system, giving users the power to run, view, write, and print documents and information from any supported localized language application. It includes the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, which includes Outlook Express 5, improved ease of use, and NetMeeting 2.11 conferencing software. A new Network Connection Wizard consolidates all network configuration, including dial-up connections and virtual private networks (VPNs), into a single user interface, while a new Network Access Wizard provides a single interface for adding machine accounts, adding a user to a domain, and creating administrative passwords.

    An Improved Supporting Cast In addition to the industry-standard Plug and Play support in previous versions of Windows, Windows 2000 Professional adds support for the Iomega Zip drive, a wide assortment of USB devices, and DVD drives, thanks to the Microsoft DVD Player application and supporting software architecture. A new Audio CD Player presents an interface resembling a car stereo, with the ability to view playlists directly generated from the CD.

    Better Performance Windows 2000 Professional is the fastest and best-performing version of Windows ever released, thanks to the following improvements:

  • An enhanced TCP/IP stack speeds network performance.
  • Windows 2000 Professional supports up to 4 gigabytes of RAM and up to 4 processors.
  • Internet Explorer has been enhanced, allowing faster page rendering of dynamic HTML and Web documents.

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