Royal Is A Microsoft Silver Small & MidMarket Cloud Solutions Partner


Microsoft Volume Licensing & Cloud Solutions


Royal is a Microsoft Silver Small & MidMarket Cloud Competency Partner and provider of simplified, Microsoft Hosting, Cloud Migration and Software Licensing services for small and medium sized businesses. We also proudly service non-profit organizations, governmental organizations and academic institutions.

Our Mission

          • Our mission is to provide tailored cloud services and software licensing solutions, that are competitively priced, to small and medium sized businesses; the end goal being to save said organization(s) money, reduce overhead and promote productivity and information availability.

          • Royal believes everyone should have the ability to economically scale, operate and grow their business; without a costly in house IT department. 

          • Royal prides itself on its exceptional customer service model and provides competitive IT business solutions to members at competitive rates, saving businesses up to 75% over the course of their licensing agreements (usually 5 years).

          • Our Goal is to shape the way your small or medium sized business uses technology, strengthen your network and ultimately promote growth and collaboration within the daily work environment.

Our Staff | Certified Cloud & Software Licensing Specialists

Our certified software, licensing and cloud services experts are required to complete rigorous training programs to work at Royal. In addition to a general commitment of excellence and a specific focus around customer satisfaction, our Certified Licensing Specialists are required to complete competencies and certifications designed to deliver the most value to our community and our clients.

Said certifications include but are not limited to Silver Cloud Solutions and Silver Volume Licensing certifications.


We've teamed up with some the best partners on the Internet and our consistent 5 star reputation speaks for itself. Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, in addition to our knowledgeable specialists help us garnish these ratings.


Our current vendor list is a culmination of over 10 years of reputable business; many of our vendor relationships dating back before Royal was even established. Our network is what allows us to give small businesses outstanding prices on Cloud migrations and software licenses.


Our philosophy in the workplace is to promote a caring, compassionate and relationship based environment; Royal is not just a workplace, it is a home for our staff. Without our team of friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps in our Boulder, Colorado office, we wouldn't be able to provide the excellent level of service and prompt response times our customers know us for.


Our environments are what shape us as humans. That's why Royal donates 10% of profits to charity. When you buy from Royal, not only are you getting the best value, but you're also helping better the communities of others. We believe in strengthening our network here on Earth, and we believe that starts with giving back.


We take pride in the products and services we sell, partly because when you order from Royal, you're guaranteed to get 100% genuine licenses.


Our customers mean the world to us, literally. We believe in providing our customers with exceptional service because that's what we look for when partnering with other companies. Investing in an IT infrastructure can be nerve racking. That's why we utilize the latest tools and hire top notch employees with the highest certifications, to keep our customers feeling cared for and comfortable.

All of us here at Royal thank you for your business and we hope you visit us again.