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  • The End of Windows XP: Survival Guide

    Microsoft announced that on April 8, 2014, technical assistance will no longer be available for Microsoft XP. What does this mean for people who still use Windows XP? Will your software still work? Will you be forced to upgrade? Continue reading

  • How to Use a Microsoft Office Product Key Card and Save Money

    If you plan on saving money on a copy of Microsoft Office, you should opt for the product key card version. Downloads are delivered electronically and save packaging and materials. This reduces the overall cost and price. Older disc copies of Microsoft Office included both the software and the license. Today, you can download via a product key card. This allows you to redeem your license key and install via the web. Prior to purchasing, make sure you identify which features and version you need. Using Microsoft Office key card is easy – by following these steps you can save time and money on your next purchase. Instead of buying a boxed copy of Microsoft Office, opt for the downloadable key card version at checkout.

    1. Opt for the Key Card Version

    To get a Microsoft Office key card, you’ll need to select the key card option prior to checkout. There are many different versions and editions of Microsoft Office, so be sure to get the one that you need. Microsoft Office versions only include particular applications depending on the version – some are more limited and essential, and some come with all applications. It’s not always best to buy a version that includes all applications unless you need them all. Full versions are more expensive than products with less applications. To figure out which version you need, read this blog post.


    2. Buy Through Our Online Store

    Although we offer the lowest prices on Microsoft Office product key cards, if you happen find a lower price somewhere else, we’ll match it. That way, you can be sure that you found the best price on the web.

    3. Check Your Email

    After you purchase your copy of Office, you will receive a key via email. Be sure to check your spam folders in case it does not come right away, and register the key card soon after you receive it. If you ever need to view the key card, you will have a copy stored in your email. In some cases we can even send a replacement email if you no longer have it.

    4. Download the Software

    To set up your Microsoft Office software, go to Microsoft Office’s site to enter your product key card. There, you can directly download the actual software if you haven’t downloaded it somewhere else already. Again, check to make sure that you’ve selected the correct edition and version of Microsoft Office before you download it. If you happen to have an older version of Microsoft Office – or you’d like to save money on Microsoft Office by purchasing an older version – you can easily buy older versions and editions of Microsoft Office on our website.

    5. Use Your New Software

    Pat yourself on the back, because you just saved yourself good money without having to even insert a disc into your computer! For more information on Microsoft Office, or to speak to a licensing expert, call us direct at 1-877-292-7712.

  • Guide to Microsoft's Open License Progam

    Microsoft’s different bulk software licensing options provide a lot of flexibility for choosing the bulk license type that’s right for you. Depending on your business’ type, size, and limitations, the different purchasing models allow any business to get the bulk licenses for Microsoft Office they need. Microsoft Open License is a great licensing program option if you are a businesses, government organization, educational organization, healthcare organization, and non-profit/charity organization that wants to pay as you go. Because you pay for the licenses as you need them, you get maximum flexibility to grow with your organization’s increasing and changing business needs. Continue reading