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  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition vs Endpoint Protection

    Symantec Endpoint Protection LogoChoosing the Right AntiVirus Software - Endpoint Vs Endpoint Small Business

    Deciding on an antivirus used to be simple - there were only a few product options and features to keep track of, and purchasing licenses were relatively straightforward. Today, with the introduction of cloud computing, advanced threat protection, and increased users counts, narrowing down your options can be more difficult. Fortunately, we're here to help -

    This quick guide is designed to help you properly narrow down the right Symantec anti-virus application for your small business or enterprise environment.

    Which Version Of Endpoint Is Best for My Needs?

    Symantec offers several different packages of anti-virus software, the most popular being Symantec Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Small Business Edition. These applications come in a variety of different trim levels, ranging from 1-24 users, 25-49 users and 50-99 users. Endpoint protection includes a variety of new features, but is typically licensed for large enterprise environments with over 250+ users. Small Business edition lacks a few of the bells and whistles that come standard in Endpoint Protection but proves to be a more affordable solution for businesses with under 99 users.

    Endpoint protection comes in two basic trim levels:

    Comparing Features & Quality of Protection

    The good news is all of the aforementioned Symantec products offer levels of protection against a wide range of threats and detect malicious codes. Endpoint delivers constant defense against all types of files, network elements and computer domains that could be subject to attack by viruses and malware. Below is a comparison of the features found in each edition:

    Endpoint Protection

    • AntiVirus & Antispyware
    • Desktop Firewall
    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Device & Application Control
    • USB Device Control
    • Advanced Protection For Virtual Environments

    Endpoint Small Business Edition:

    • AntiVirus & Antispyware
    • Desktop Firewall
    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Additional Messaging & Web Security Features (reputation-based spam filtering, antiphishing, content filtering & compliance, + more)
    • System Backup & Recovery

    Pricing & Licensing Cost

    The Small Business edition remains the cheaper option between the two. Pricing remains relatively the same between user and device quantities. Users have the option to purchase in 1 and 3-year increments. If you opt for the 3 year you will receive a considerable price discount, in addition to any updates and patches that may be released during that time. Unless you are a large organization with over 250+ users, or you require Advanced Protection for a Virtual Environment, you should opt for the Small Business edition. Current pricing is as follows:

    Endpoint Small Business Edition (1-24 Users @ 1 yr) - $23.50

    Endpoint Small Business Edition (1-24 Users @ 3 yr) - $46.20

    Endpoint Protection (1-24 Users @ 1 yr) - $39.99

    Endpoint Protection (1-24 Users @ 3 yr) - $56.99

    Have Questions? Get In Touch

    Have questions related to Symantec Endpoint software? Contact our in-house licensing desk. Receive a free consultation and let us recommend the best version for you. Royal Discount is a certified software reseller and Symantec Partner. To get in touch with our Licensing department, call us direct at 1-877-292-7712.

  • How Safe Is a Password Manager?

    thieves stealing passwords

    Using strong and unique passwords is a piece of advise that we often hear. Unfortunately, most people still opt for weak but easy to remember passwords. Worse, some would use the same password for multiple sites. That’s not surprising since it’s not that easy to remember a handful of passwords. This is where a password manager comes in handy.

    Password managers recall all your passwords for you and help you log into all the websites you use automatically. The password database is encrypted with a master password, which is the only one you have to remember. But the question is, are they really as secure as they claim to be?

    Putting all your eggs or passwords in one basket is sort of a scary proposition. If a hacker successfully gains access to your password manager, then it’s like handing him/her the keys to your online kingdom. For some people, this may be a deal breaker. But isn't it just as easy to break into your online accounts with weak passwords? And if you do use the same password on different sites, all others will also be compromised.

    Yes, intrusions happen all the time. Popular password manager, LastPass, suffered from an intrusion a few months ago. The good news is that the incident didn’t leak any passwords directly. They said that the passwords were so heavily encrypted that no passwords were stolen.

    Now, don’t panic. If you are using a password manager, consider changing your master password every once in a while. Remember, a password manager is only as secure as your master password. Change it often and make sure that it’s a very strong password. Don’t make a hacker’s job easier.

    While a password manager can help organize all your online accounts and increase your online security, you shouldn’t rely on it too much. Make sure that you can remember passwords for crucial services such as online banking and email accounts. Find the latest information data security technologies, speak to our representatives. Get a free consultation or shop the latest software deals.