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  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 New Features: Speed, Flexibility & More


    Microsoft's SQL Server 2017 is now on the scene with more new features which offer faster processing, flexibility of use and cost savings as a result. Version 2016 provided numerous improvements which Microsoft termed as a big leap forward. If 2016 was a big leap, 2017 promises all that and so much more of what corporate customers need at any level. Added performance from Adaptive Query Processing, new flexibility with cross-platform capability and new integrations for statistical and data science analysis, this new version adds solid technology with cost savings. As companies look for nimble hardware and operating solutions, SQL Server 2017 offers database customers just what is needed in a diversified tech climate.

    New Features

    Days of slow queries and transactions will be over with an upgrade to SQL Server 2017. Microsoft packed even their lower-end versions with basic Adaptive Query Processing while the Enterprise (and Developer) boasts Advanced Adaptive Query Processing. Organizations with less demanding database needs will see benefits from the basic services while enterprise-class clients with heavier processing demands can ramp-up their processing with SQL Server too. Adaptive Query Processing speeds queries as much as 100 times faster while transaction also gets juiced by as much as 30 times previous versions. If you have the need, SQL Server 2017 has the speed.


    Improved Statistical and Data Science Analysis

    Microsoft wasted no time and effort in this newest version of SQL Server, adding integrations for R and Python. With advanced analytics, database performance is vastly improved. With all the new information and added graph data support, this latest version leverages BI even more than the 2016 version. Basic features are available in Express and Standard while Enterprise and Developer editions flex their database muscles with the advanced version.


    Cost Reduction? You've Got It!

    With the plethora of organizational needs abounding in today's business climate, Microsoft answered the bell with sensitivity toward diverse and changing needs. Customer looking for hybrid solutions as they grow will find that License Mobility provides nimble solutions as needed. If databases need to be moved to VMs on the cloud licensing provides that ability especially with HA use of active-passive licensing. Coupled with faster processing, easier upgrading and superior security, costs are driven down - and that's just the beginning.


    Cross-Platform Flexibility

    Open-source database providers may offer flexibility but Microsoft built SQL Server 2017 for even more functionality in many environments. Now available for use on Linux and Docker platforms, SQL Server can run anywhere and requires no third-part support and development while it reduces overall risks with it's industry-recognized security. Couple all these details with Visual Studio that can be coded for Linux and Mac OS and this database version of SQL is just what companies need whether it of the available three production editions: Express, Standard or Enterprise.


    Reasons to Upgrade - It's Easy

    SQL Server 2017 includes a solid bridge to upgrade from older SQL versions as far back as 2008 with an upgrade wizard. Additionally, when organizations need to shift over to the cloud or back, databases can be moved with ease using a migration tool. In the case of migration, Mobile Licensing as part of a Software Assurance package keeps cost lower.


    New Tools for New Uses

    Microsoft listened to the needs of its customers with its two latest versions, culminating with SQL Server 2017. In 2016, mobile availability and BI were key factors. With 2017, such features are well leveraged with analytics, better processing, development flexibility and platform flexibility all coupled with licensing and security that can better trusted to meet heavy demands. Whether it's on the cloud, on-premises or a hybrid of the two. IT providers can couple with Azure services and power databases like never before. Older implementations have simplified solutions with cost efficiency to upgrade while reducing risks from intrusion to data recovery.


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  • Microsoft Sharepoint Online Offers New Features for End Users

    Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Overview

    If you're having trouble sharing documents quickly and easily, you may want to check out Sharepoint Online. Combining the best of Office 365's Active Directory Domain Services, Sharepoint online allows teams to quickly and securely share documents. Document control and retention is easier than ever before, and with a slew of new features, there are plenty of reasons to opt for the cloud version.

    New Features

    Microsoft SharePoint is a set of collaboration and document sharing tools. The software has tons of amazing features such as sync to Outlook, Facebook-style status posts as well as shared timeline and calendar. Microsoft SharePoint's core is comprised of sites for shared team and personal use as well as document libraries. Uploading a document has never been easier, as dragging and dropping a document onto any page in a web browser is all you need to do. You can even follow a document the same way you do on Facebook.

    Powerful Search Technology

    Microsoft SharePoint's powerful search technology delivers the rich results and ease of use you've been looking for. This feature will allow you to see tons of suggestions based on your past behavior. Microsoft SharePoint allows you to share documents with up to 10,000 people who don't even need to have this app installed. Type in an email or name in the Sharing option, and then pick whether they can edit or view; you can even copy any URL to be used in a blog post or sent in an email. Click on a shared document's icon to know who you're just sharing it with.

    Easy to Customize

    A Microsoft SharePoint website is very easy to customize. You can add a wide range of apps including document libraries, calendar and tasks. Adding your company's logo is very easy too, and you can also change a page's theme in no time. If you don't want multiple users to edit or view a document at the same time, you just have to check it out and in. You will be able to set up alerts, create new documents and many other things from the same interface.

    Plans & Pricing

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  • Office 365 Enterprise E3 Features: Designed for the Power Executive

    office-365-enterprise-e3Enterprise Level Management for Small Businesses & Organizations

    The costs associated with the deployment of enterprise grade management software are historically high, but undeniably necessary. Over the last decade, Microsoft has implemented several new offerings to help businesses scale quickly and affordably. Tools like Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E5 are changing the enterprise landscape for the better, reducing costs and simplifying licensing. Today, Microsoft is diving head first into the cloud integration market with a slew of new offerings and features. Office 365 Enterprise E3 is the latest of these offerings, and is considered the flagship version of an already highly adaptable product.

    Office 365 Enterprise offers a wide variety of applications, from the online communication and messaging services through Skype, to the productivity tools offered by Exchange and SharePoint. Office 365 Enterprise plans reflect Microsoft’s ambitions to provide a platform from which you can run an entire company. Office 365 Enterprise E3 is their flagship version, and is designed to meet the growing & everchanging needs of a large, multi-user organization.

    Enterprise E3 Licensing, Pricing & Features

    With Office 365, pricing and licensing is relatively simple compared to standard versions of Microsoft Office. Monthly and yearly pricing allows for flexible terms and once a license is purchased, it can be easily added and assigned to a user. Active Directory allows for simplified credential and employee management. Licenses can be quickly added, revoked, reassigned and deactivated. With this feature, you can allow your employees to from home, edit documents on the go in a safe and secure manner, and meet without complications. All enterprise plans come with a variety of options including unlimited One Drive storage, desktop and mobile application functionality, meetings & document co-collaboration + much more. Lastly, you can have peace of mind knowing each license is installed with the latest patches and features and is always eligible for upgrades to the latest release at no additional cost.


    Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud Platform promotes safe access on the go. Files, folders and applications are available from any computer, location, or device. Promote maximum information availability with OneDrive unlimited storage on a system that’s flexible to your needs. With advanced analytical tools, including Microsoft Power BI – you can let your applications work for you. Uncover deep insights into your daily operations. Discover the value, affordability and flexibility of a system designed to meet your everyday needs. Have peace of mind knowing your data is always accessible to you, and is stored geo-redundantly around the world to ensure both availability and information security.

    Learn More

    The Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan seeks to be an overall solution to the power executive, offering support to small businesses lacking a strong IT infrastructure, while providing advanced tools in communication, migration and management and even branding for companies of any size or with any number of employees. These are just a few of the benefits of shifting your business into the mindset of the cloud. To learn more, or to get a free quote on any of our Office 365 plans, contact our licensing desk at