Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

  • Office 365 Enterprise E3 Features: Designed for the Power Executive

    office-365-enterprise-e3Enterprise Level Management for Small Businesses & Organizations

    The costs associated with the deployment of enterprise grade management software are historically high, but undeniably necessary. Over the last decade, Microsoft has implemented several new offerings to help businesses scale quickly and affordably. Tools like Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E5 are changing the enterprise landscape for the better, reducing costs and simplifying licensing. Today, Microsoft is diving head first into the cloud integration market with a slew of new offerings and features. Office 365 Enterprise E3 is the latest of these offerings, and is considered the flagship version of an already highly adaptable product.

    Office 365 Enterprise offers a wide variety of applications, from the online communication and messaging services through Skype, to the productivity tools offered by Exchange and SharePoint. Office 365 Enterprise plans reflect Microsoft’s ambitions to provide a platform from which you can run an entire company. Office 365 Enterprise E3 is their flagship version, and is designed to meet the growing & everchanging needs of a large, multi-user organization.

    Enterprise E3 Licensing, Pricing & Features

    With Office 365, pricing and licensing is relatively simple compared to standard versions of Microsoft Office. Monthly and yearly pricing allows for flexible terms and once a license is purchased, it can be easily added and assigned to a user. Active Directory allows for simplified credential and employee management. Licenses can be quickly added, revoked, reassigned and deactivated. With this feature, you can allow your employees to from home, edit documents on the go in a safe and secure manner, and meet without complications. All enterprise plans come with a variety of options including unlimited One Drive storage, desktop and mobile application functionality, meetings & document co-collaboration + much more. Lastly, you can have peace of mind knowing each license is installed with the latest patches and features and is always eligible for upgrades to the latest release at no additional cost.


    Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud Platform promotes safe access on the go. Files, folders and applications are available from any computer, location, or device. Promote maximum information availability with OneDrive unlimited storage on a system that’s flexible to your needs. With advanced analytical tools, including Microsoft Power BI – you can let your applications work for you. Uncover deep insights into your daily operations. Discover the value, affordability and flexibility of a system designed to meet your everyday needs. Have peace of mind knowing your data is always accessible to you, and is stored geo-redundantly around the world to ensure both availability and information security.

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    The Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan seeks to be an overall solution to the power executive, offering support to small businesses lacking a strong IT infrastructure, while providing advanced tools in communication, migration and management and even branding for companies of any size or with any number of employees. These are just a few of the benefits of shifting your business into the mindset of the cloud. To learn more, or to get a free quote on any of our Office 365 plans, contact our licensing desk at https://www.royaldiscount.com/

  • How Office 365's New Features Improve Productivity

    New Features in 365 Promote Easy Collaboration

    Communication is vital to existence of any healthy relationship and business is no exception. In particular, business communication is core to internal workflow processes, external partnerships, and connection to customers. With the recent introduction of affordable, state-of-the-art internal communication platforms, telecommuting and globalization are shaping and scaling businesses in ways we’ve never seen before. Real-time services such as SharePoint and Skype for Business are decreasing business opportunity costs and are promoting a fast, fun, easy and effective way to collaborate in the digital era.

    Chats, video presentations, and virtual conferences have replaced the dreary in-person meetings of the past. Virtual discussions are the new way to get more done. Microsoft Office 365 has expanded its traditional offerings of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to include a suite of applications which provide mobility and continual access to foster and maintain conversations globally. Microsoft’s main mission with O365 for Business is simple: collective, easy collaboration.

    Office 365 Has a Suite of New Business Applications

    Applications, such as OneDrive, offer tools for co-authoring and collaboration; Word and PowerPoint now allow colleagues to work on the same documents and presentations through its integration with OneDrive and SharePoint for “real-time” editing. These applications also include features such as the “Share” button, granting users the ability to share files within their organization and allowing individuals and management to see who is working on a particular document. Users can also send large files through Outlook, which will then convert said files into a downloadable link for those actively on OneDrive or SharePoint.

    Office 365 Plans & Pricing

    Another unique feature of Office 365 is the ability to view “historical versions” of a particular document from within the traditional desktop office suite itself. Everyone has experienced the of frustration of accidentally deleting a portion of a document and this feature acts as a safeguard for this inevitable occurrence.

    These additional offerings, such as Skype for Business integration, data forecasting, improved cross-device support, and document collaboration arm nearly any business with the latest, most powerful industry-grade tools necessary to compete in the ever-evolving world of business communications.

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  • Choosing an Office 365 Enterprise Plan for your Business

    Office Pricing Made Easy

    Determining which version of O365 would best fit your company and budget requires an assessment of both the needs and access your employees require to fulfill their roles; as well as what your company budget will allow. Microsoft designed its Office 365 plans to fit the needs of any company, of any size, regardless of scope and budget.

    What is Office 365 for Enterprise?

    The Office 365 Enterprise plans are broken down into six plans, including a basic plan and even two plans for kiosk worker types, showing the versatility of the features and pricing. There are four main offerings for businesses, whether for a entrepreneur or a large company employing tens of thousands.

    Enterprise E1 & E2

    The MS 365 Enterprise E1 and E2 plans were designed for businesses with no more than 25 employees. This is a good plan for small businesses with no plans to expand. While the E1 variant doesn’t have the Office Web Apps, the web version of the Microsoft Office Suite, it does give access to Skype for Business, with on-premise options to Exchange and SharePoint. If you find that your employees need online access to Microsoft Office Suite, the E2 plan does contain the Office Web Apps, along with all the features included in the E1 plan.

    Enterprise E3 & E4

    The Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4 plans were designed with medium to large companies, with 50 to thousands of employees, or small businesses with goals for expansion. With these options you can install the desktop versions of the Office Web Apps, with the E4 option offering the Microsoft Lync enterprise VOIP solution, allowing for fully integrated voice capabilities on premise.

    Which Plan is Best for Me?

    For many businesses, the Enterprise E3 plan might be the happy medium or unicorn plan, giving you all the benefits of the E1 and E2 plans, with the added advantage of advanced analytical tools and document sharing capabilities.

    Office365 Enterprise Pricing
    Whatever option you chose, Office 365 “E” plans offer flexibility and on premise licensing rights for SharePoint, Exchange and Lync; making it easy and convenient to quickly view your options and chose a customized feature tier that caters to your company size and needs.

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  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Is Catching Up to Competitors

    Enterprise Mobility Suite Brings Device Management To Enterprises

    Organizations all around the world are finding it increasingly difficult to cope up with the phenomenon of BYOD (bring your own device). Employees are bringing in their own devices into the corporate network and store not just personal data but also work-related data on it.

    Managing such a variety of different devices and platforms becomes quite a challenge for any IT department. There is also the question of ensuring privacy, i.e. where do you draw the line in separating personal data from work-related.

    As a solution to this problem, software vendors have rolled out what are popularly known as MDM or mobile device management solutions. For example, Symantec, BlackBerry and IBM have such solutions. Likewise, Microsoft too has one, which goes by the name of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.

    This offering was announced in 2014 and leverages the capabilities of Windows Intune as well as Microsoft SCCM. It also utilizes certain Azure-based services behind the scenes. The tool's main purpose is to facilitate controlling the different portable devices that are deployed in a company network using a single administrative console. It also enables certain security scenarios such as being able to remotely lock a stolen device and reset / wipe its data as necessary.

    Enterprise Mobility Suite

    Most MDM solutions are licensed on a per-user model and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite is no exception to it.

    Features of the EMS include for example, geo-location capabilities. The fragmentation and lack of a native management API in Android may also be a hurdle. Microsoft's sincerity to treat all of the different platforms similarly may be considered to be questionable by some vendors, because unlike competitors like Symantec and VMWare which have no mobile platform of their own, Microsoft does have one. Also, Microsoft is highly keen on presenting Windows as a unified platform across the PC, tablet and the phone, unlike how Apple clearly differentiates between OS X and iOS.

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