• How To License Visio Pro for Office 365

    Licensing Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365:

    Microsoft Visio provides users with the ability to create beautiful, compelling flowcharts, graphs and network diagrams in one easy to use application. This powerful tool was previously only available as a retail or open license version. This year users can now price this tool at an affordable monthly rate.

    Microsoft has recently announced that the latest version, Visio 2016, will now be available through an with Office 365 Subscription - also known as Visio Pro for Office 365. This offering comes in two versions, plan 1 and plan 2.

    Plan 2 includes the desktop application version, while plan 1 is the cloud only. For all intents and purposes we will focus solely on plan 2 for the remainder of this article.

    Visio Pro for 365 has same capabilities as the retail Visio Professional 2016. It can be obtained through Office 365 through a paid subscription. This subscription is obtained for a fixed period of time (usually monthly or yearly) and requires a periodic payment.

    Pricing / Licensing for Visio 365

    Microsoft offers two Visio subscriptions to its users:

    1. Annual Subscription - $9.80 per user per month
    2. Monthly Subscription -  $11.70 per user per month

    Reasons to Opt for the Monthly Version

    By opting for the 365 version, users can benefit from several key advantages.

    1 - Visio will always be updated to the latest version (meaning if Visio 2018 comes out, or a newer release of 2016, you will always have the latest build)

    2 - Automatic Updates - Applied to the back end, these updates will include new feature releases in addition to security and performance patches for enhanced stability and protection.

    3 - Multiple Devices - Access VISIO from multiple computers and devices. Want to work from home? Don't have your laptop or work computer with you? No problem. With multiple device license support, you can do it all. Keep in mind this is PER USER - each license will need to be assigned to one user.

    Alternatively, if these features do not strike you as important, you can always opt for the retail version, and pay a one time fee.

    Ways to Buy Visio 365 or Visio Retail:

    Visio can be purchased through a Certified Microsoft Re-seller, or directly from Microsoft. Pricing and the plans vary per the table above. Visio Online / Visio Pro can be purchased by single license or in bulk. Same goes with retail. That being said, if you are looking for 5 or more licenses, you can compare quotes and save substantially by option for the retail, the volume license version. Ready to get started? Explore our online store.

    Have more questions about Visio for Office 365? We're here to help. Call our Microsoft Certified experts at 1-877-292-7712. Royal Discount is a trusted software re-seller specializing in Microsoft and Symantec licensing. Learn why we have been a trusted resource for individuals, businesses and corporations for over 15 years running.

  • Visio Pro VS Standard - What's the Difference?

    microsoft visio comparison vector


    Some of the Microsoft Office suite of applications are widely used. Word, Excel and Outlook are almost synonymous with the software brand. Other applications offer more specialized functionality but are quite effective to use. Among the lesser used but highly effective applications is Visio, which is used for diagramming most anything - from information technology topographies to organizational charts and much more.

    What is Visio?

    With its wide variety of templates and shapes anything from network diagrams to flowcharts, floor plans and engineering designs can be created with Microsoft Visio. Other functions include Process Modeling and Data Visualization. The application is easy to use and creates highly effective visual diagrams that can be ported into many other applications like PowerPoint and Publisher. Visio is the handiest of tools to have showing the design or schematic of anything whether it's for internal use or business clients. Visio is another Microsoft Office application that adds productivity both easily and effectively.

    What's New in Visio 2016

    Microsoft Visio 2016 came with several new features that improve upon an already effective application. Here are five new features in Visio that can help you:

    • Microsoft Visio 2016 comes with an array of starter templates complete with prompts to get users going. Additionally, these helpful starters come with contextual tips covering the fifteen most-used types of diagrams. It's an amazing starter for inexperienced users who can leverage simple to complete diagram with initial efforts with great visual effects.
    • Like the other applications of Microsoft Office 2016, Visio comes with the Tell Me function that use hundreds of commands. Ask Visio to do something and users will get a list of ways to accomplish the task at hand and all from a displayed drop-down list.
    • With new industry compliance standards, Microsoft incorporated a vast number of shapes that meet specifications for UML 2.4, IEEE (which is new) and BPMN 2.0. Accomplishing any diagramming task leaves users with highly visual results that meet design standards.
    • With one-step data linking, Visio 2016 Quick Import capabilities bring real-life diagrams into the application for amazing data linking. Conversion to data is simple with linking to shapes and graphics made easy in Visio.
    • With Information Rights Management, Visio 2016 creates security for sensitive information while providing even individual user level document rights to preserve collaborative functionality.


    Differences Between Professional and Standard Versions

    Standard Professional
    Versatile Templates and Thousands of Shapes
    Smart Shapes
    Import DWG Files (import AutoCAD files with support up to DWG 2010)
    Support for Industry Standards
    Fast Startup with Starter Diagrams
    Easy Flowcharting
    Tell Me Intuitive Searches
    Built-in Themes & Effects
    Live Data Overlay ●v
    Data to Diagram
    Data Graphics
    One-step Data Linking
    Data Refresh
    In-app Commenting
    Co-authoring (requires Office 365 or SharePoint)
    Integration with Skype for Business (licensed separately)
    Secured Diagrams
    Easy Diagram Sharing
    Anywhere Access (web & iPad Apps)
    Full Fidelity (for use with web and iPad apps with pan & zoom)
    Operational Dashboard


    Why Upgrade to 2016?

    Based on the chart above, reasons to upgrade to the latest version of Visio 2016 abound. New features mean gaining the latest capabilities for creating and sharing vital information that's sure to impress management or clients. Improved diagram tools, intuitive searches, and Skype for business capabilities all add to existing visual output. Access via tablet and handheld devices enables remote or field users the ability to view files via web and iPad apps with intuitive pan and zoom functionality.

    Why Upgrade to Professional?

    Visio 2016 Professional adds increased functionality where needed. While the Standard edition packs newer features, business needs may dictate upgrading to the Professional edition. Collaborative features may well be necessary in larger organizations while some business requirements for secured data may further drive need for an upgrade to Professional. Likewise, users who need to import real-world data into Visio files can take advantage of the new Live Data Overlay, Data to Diagram, One-step Data Linking and Data Refresh features. Additionally, organizations using Office 365 or SharePoint can easily leverage co-authoring capabilities. Discuss your Visio needs with one of our representatives for the best fit to the dynamics of your business.

    To learn more about Microsoft Visio 2016, contact our licensing experts at Royal Discount1-877-292-7712 Certified Microsoft Experts - call in today at Monday - Friday.