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  • How to Audit Your Online Passwords and Make Them Bulletproof

    We have more and more options for moving parts of our lives online, including—but definitely not limited to—social media, banking, shopping, reading or watching the news, and, of course, working. It's a huge convenience to be able to take care of so many things from our own homes with just a keyboard and Internet access. Continue reading

  • Top 10 Novels to Satisfy Your Inner Geek

    It's summer, which means it's time to escape to the beach, a cabin in the woods, or even just out to the nearby park for some extra sun, air, and relaxation. Many of us wouldn't think of heading off on a vacation, near or far, without a book or two in our suitcases (or maybe several hundred on our tablets!) Continue reading

  • How Do Software Patents Get Enforced?

    A topic that appears frequently in tech news is the issue of software patents. As with all patents, software patents offer protection to individuals and companies that develop new innovations. Software also poses unique challenges, however, which leads many in the tech community to question whether patents are the right answer. Continue reading

  • Are Rumors of a Microsoft Surface Mini Too Little Too Late?

    While Microsoft prepared for the release of its Surface Pro 3, rumors started to circulate about a new Surface Mini tablet, with the reports citing material released by Microsoft itself. However, the Surface Pro 3 release has come and gone, and there is no sign that a mini tablet from Microsoft will appear any time soon. Continue reading

  • Why Is Microsoft Offering 1TB of Free Cloud Storage?

    Microsoft is making changes to sweeten the deal on its cloud storage service, especially for customers who use Microsoft's OneDrive or Office 365. On June 23, 2014, Microsoft increased the storage space for all Office 365 users to one terabyte, extending the offer it released to OneDrive for Business customers back in April. Continue reading

  • Reduce Eyestrain With Gunnar Glasses

    Spending a lot of time on a computer is an occupational hazard for many people, and it can adversely affect your eyes. Staring at a computer screen causes your eyes to experience a wide range of symptoms related to eye strain, and it is important to take measures to alleviate that strain. Taking regular breaks from the computer or gaming system, adjusting the lighting in the room, and eliminating glare can help. However, when you absolutely, positively have to buckle down and work, there is an alternative that can offer relief for your tired and aching eyes: Gunnar glasses. Continue reading

  • Stop Sitting and Typing! Stand Up at Your Desk and Talk

    The conventional position for anyone working in an office building—or even those who work from home—is to sit at a desk, hunched over the keyboard and typing away, peering at a computer screen for hours and hours on end. This posture is not only very stagnant, but it can also lead to numerous ailments and other health issues after prolonged practice. Continue reading

  • Roxio Creator vs. Nero 11 Platinum

    When it comes to creating a custom CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disc, there are many options for those wishing to accomplish the bare essentials: burning the music and/or video data onto the discs. However, these days, multimedia suites can go above and beyond the basics with advanced functionality, like creating custom menus, design covers, and even automate the backing up of one’s hard drive to disk. Continue reading

  • Top 5 Drawing Tablets to Use With the Adobe Creative Suite

    Today’s digital artists and designers have a plethora of sophisticated tools at their disposal for drawing and illustration. One staple item in the arsenal of those working with a digital canvas is the graphics tablet—an input device used to draw pictures on a computer screen in the absence of a mouse or keyboard. A graphics tablet consists of a digitized, pressure-sensitive flat surface and a pen/stylus unit, and allows the artist to draw naturally, in a similar fashion in which they would illustrate with an ink pen and paper. Continue reading

  • The Pros and Cons of Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office has been a productivity mainstay for individuals and businesses for decades. A couple of years ago, Microsoft introduced a huge change to the Office suite of products with Microsoft Office 365. While in many ways, Office 365 is the same as earlier versions of Microsoft, there are a few important differences. Continue reading