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Complete Office Suite With Versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote - 5 devices (Mac, PC, Android, IPhone, etc) per user
Now includes the new Office 2016 apps for your PC and Mac.

(plus Access)


(plus Access)


(plus Access)

Use On Tablets and Phones for a comprehensive mobile Office experience (Register 5 mobile devices per employee).
Fully Installed Local Versions of Word, Outlook & More.
Access, share and store over 1 TeraByte of files via cloud storage (per employee).
50 GigaBytes of Inbox Storage, Email and Schedule/Calendar Sharing.  



Unlimited inbox


Unlimited inbox

Virtual Meetings, Instant Messaging & Audio, HD Video, and Web Conferencing.  
Network Site (Intranet) With Security Centric Sharing.  
Utilize Yammer - An Internal Version of Social Media & Increase Collaboration Across the Organization.  
Professional Digital Storytelling Tools to Create Interactive Reports, Presentations, and More.
Easily Find and Access Documents with eDiscovery & Compliance Tools.  
Create Presentations & Instructional Videos Accessible Within the Group.  
Broadcast meetings via the Internet to up to 10,000 people. Join & attend webinars on nearly any device.  
Administrate Daily Applications, Structure Groups and Data With Ease.
Intelligence Features Designed To Reveal Key Insights.
Keep the Attorneys Happy and Always Stay Compliant.    
Use the Compliance Center to help perform eDiscovery within mailboxes, internal site searches, & legal holds. Predictive coding and text analytics capabilities are also available depending on subscription type.
Advanced Security for Your Data that helps protect against unknown malware and viruses and provides better zero-day protection to safeguard your system.      
Analytics tools for personal and organizational insights with Power BI and Delve.      
PSTN conferencing to allow invitees to join Skype for Biz meetings. Dial in from a landline or mobile phone.      
Cloud PBX for cloud-based call management to make, receive, and transfer calls across a wide range of devices.      
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Office 365 Enterprise Pricing & Plans

Managing groups of users across a large organization can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Save precious time, money and resources by utilizing new tools to get more done - here are several key benefits and features exclusive to

Office 365 Enterprise Users:

Computers Connected Networking

Unparalleled Access

to Word, Outlook, OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, + more

Cloud Storage


Email, Calendars, Cloud File Storage, Office-On-Demand Desktop Virtualization

Handshake for collaboration


Team Sites and Workspaces, Instant messaging, Skype, Corporate Social Network

Keep the business compliant


Enterprise App Management & Compliance Tools, Automatic Updates, License Management

Search and Discovery Features


Search and Discovery Tools, Business Intelligence Analytics Features For Backend Data

Lock the Data


24/7 Support, Built-In Security Policies, User Privacy, System Reliability, Off-Site Administration, Document Control Via Active Directory

Office 365 Cloud Migration


Training, Resources and Staff in Place to Ensure a Seamless Migration

Gear and Wrench

Business Tools

Get Big Business Tools At A Small Business Price – Ask About Our E1 and E3 Packages

Stay compliant and integrate all of your services onto a single, easy-to-use platform complete with state-of-the-art collaboration tools designed to keep your company moving. Microsoft’s Office 365 Enterprise E3 is the fastest, easiest way to take control of your company’s IT infrastructure, and integrate the data you need, companywide, across all employee devices.

Office On Every Device

Tablet running office
Office 365 on Smart Phones
PC running Office
Running on IMac

Empower your employees and give them access to all of their data, across all of their devices. Telecommuting helps get the job done and with licensing that supports users with up to 5 devices, management can rest assured that information is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Integrated Compliance Backend

One with your data


Data archives


Data policies


Data Locked in Cloud


the legal documents safeguarded
by your business.

Enforce IT Policies & Reduce Overhead

Benefits of Office365

One of the largest benefits of O365 E3 is the ability to retain flexibility and control over the organization’s IT infrastructure. The Azure Cloud gives administrators the ability to reduce overall on-site IT support and maintenance costs and delivers a framework designed to grow with the demands of changing corporate environments.

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