Office 365 Vs Office 2016

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What is Office?

What is Office 2016

Microsoft Office is a single license product for use on only one computer. All files are saved locally onto the computer hard drive and there is no cloud element. This is good for single users who primarily access their files on one device and in one location (such as at home) – files and services must be manually transferred between computers, making this a great choice for non business-critical workloads.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 Inquiry

Office365 is a cloud service suite that provides all of the features, programs and services found in traditional Office, in a both an online, and offline environment. This allows employees to access the same files, programs, and emails found on their hard drive, in a seamless manner while at home or while telecommuting. This is particularly advantageous for small businesses and larger organizations that need to license more than one user on more than one device.

Did You Know?

Employees using Office365 reported more satisfaction, improved productivity and efficiency, and increased security when utilizing cross-compatibility mobile options.

Users reported reduced training costs, reduced licensing costs, and reduced IT support costs, with an overall improvement in IT security, disaster recovery and information availability across devices; collaborate easier, and with less risk.

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Office 365 PlansOffice 365 Business EssentialsOffice 365 BusinessOffice 365 Business PremiumOffice 365 Enterprise E1Office 365 ProPlusOffice 365 Enterprise E3
Pricing $5 monthly $8.25 $12.50 $8 $12 $20
Max. Users 300 300 300 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Use all the familiar apps like Word, Office, PowerPoint, SharePoint and others. Keep all of your work together and access files from up to five devices per user.  
(plus Access)
(plus Access)
Utilize Office on the go with mobile accessibility on your devices.  
Cloud versions of all the familiar products you love.
Collaborate and send files easily with over One Terabyte of storage.
Email Inboxes come with over 50 Gigabytes.
Collaborate with ease in online meeting environments with the latest tools, such as SkypeForBusiness.
Setup custom internal networks across the Enterprise and work with security.
Keep track of employees and projects with Yammer, the social network for business.
Utilize analytics with Office 365 Graph and keep track of valuable Business Intelligence.
Share Your Projects with Real-Time Video and Mail Capabilities.      
Enforce Policies and retain control of the network with Enterprise Management.        
Take advantage of advanced BI reporting in Excel and gain invaluable insights.        
Keep the Auditers happy with built in compliance features.          
The Legal Team can stay up to date with built in eDiscovery capabilites.          
 Office 2013 + 2016 Retail VersionsOffice Home & Student 2016Office Home & Business 2016Office Professional
 Features & Product Options
  One-time purchase One-time purchase One-time purchase
Powerful Applications, Complete Installs of Word, Excel & more.
Also Outlook
Also Outlook, Publisher, Access
Versions Compatible with Windows 7 and newer, Office 2016 for Mac OS X 10.10.+ 1 PC 1 PC 1 PC
Install light versions onto tablets and smart phones      
Offline storage on your devices
OneDrive cloud capabilites to increase data availability      
SkypeCalls to mobile phones and landlines      
Updates Available to Stay Up to Date      
MS Technical Support @ No Extra Charge      
Licensed for Home use Home or business use Home or business use
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Save Time and Money

  • Protect What Matters - Be Secure & protect your data - reducing risks, downtime & liabilities.
  • Be Productive Anywhere - Work efficiently with state-of-the-art solutions across multiple devices.
  • Build For Tomorrow - Reduce short term costs and maximize growth; ensure businesses tools are scalable for the future.
  • Downsize Your IT Department - Reduce Hardware, Maintenance, Overheat and Support Costs.
  • Work Better Together - Promote engagement, communication and collaboration with new tools & features.

Key benefits include:

  • Use the Same Traditional Applications and Programs (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and More).
  • Access Your Files Anywhere - OneDrive automatically syncs files & backups with Online Cloud Storage.
  • Use Apps on Mobile – Including PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Setup A Consultation - Discuss Plan Options & Incentives in Less Than 5 Minutes.
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