Microsoft Licensing

Business Open License provides companies with a cost-effective, time saving method to install, maintain and upgrade Microsoft Software (in a manner that is both safe and legal). After licenses are purchased and associated to an account, they belong to the owner for life. All licensed programs will live in one virtual space, eliminating the need to hold onto a bounty of physical software. In the event that a computer calls it quits or is compromised, installation to a new device becomes quick, easy and seamless; Transferability rights with Open License are part of the program, and are a thing of beauty.

Please note that users are required to purchase a minimum of five licenses to get started. However, Royal is here to offer “filler” licenses at $20 each in order to fulfill the required 5. Factors such as quantity of licenses, amount of up-front capital needed to buy licenses, and software usage terms, all determine which license purchasing type is best for you or your organization. Royal is here to answer all your software quandaries and guide you into the licensing program that will best suit your needs.  

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